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I tried many different natural shampoos, but never have I seen one with such few and completely natural ingredients. It’s composed of only fruits and plants with their wonderful microorganism, no wired names and chemicals that I have to search for in the web to understand what it is about. As I can’t stand perfumes or chemical smells I love the natural scent of this shampoo, you can actually smell the fruits they put in it, like the elephant apple, which brings me right back to Sri Lanka, where I used to eat lots of them
I try to take great care of my hair, as I love to have it long, healthy, shiny and voluminous, so I wash it only every 3-5 days. I love the conscious living shampoo because it feels very gentle to both, hair and scalp, thanks to the soap nuts it lathers naturally and well. Together with the conditioner I get perfectly smooth, and disentangled hair. When it’s dry my hair feels and looks great: it’s soft, clean, voluminous and feels very light, looks healthy and shiny, and keeps its natural waves which I love. Thank you conscious living for this natural wonder product!

Stella Koch


A few years ago, we decided that we wanted to stop using cleaning products that had a negative impact on our health and the environment. Most of the brands sold were imported, but we found Conscious Living Thailand. In the beginning, we found it expensive. However, we continue to use it because of the following reasons:
– It is locally made and supports local farmers, not only by trade but also by helping them learn new farming techniques.
– We use far less of the normal amount used for cleaning/showering because all solutions can (and should) be diluted. Cleaning too much is unhealthy anyway.
– It uses natural ingredients that actually benefit the environment – especially when flushing down the toilet bowl or washing clothes.
– You can find them at refill stations and refill your old containers, instead of buying new products all the time and creating unnecessary waste.
We highly recommend their products, especially if you care for your family and the environment.

Quah Boon Kheng


I love their Shampoo and conditioner! I usually get dandruff with the normal shampoos that have artificial fragrance in it then I switched to Conscious Living’s shampoo and my hair is much healthier.

Pauline Manus


Conscious Living Shampoo and Conditioner really worked for me. It helped lessen my dandruff and itching. My hair used to fall alot and now it is slowly growing back.

Zack Aphivong


This is one of the amazing natural product discovery in Thailand which is natural, great for the environment, and most importantly sparkle the dishes and clothes.
Stella Ungphongphan


My grandad has suffered with eczema for several years and moisturizing cream hasn’t really helped him that much. I have been using Conscious Living for the better part of a year (and love it!) and I saw that some users were saying that switching to CL had helped with their skin conditions. So I got CL for my grandad and told him to use that instead of his regular body wash. Within a couple of months he told me that his skin is looking and feeling much better! So I wanted to thank Conscious Living as this wouldn’t have been possible without their amazing product! I wholeheartedly recommend this to everyone.

Jack Bradshaw

United Kingdom

I have to say,  I absolutely love your shampoo. I swapped over to natural shampoos several years ago in Australia and I have tried a lot with varying degrees of success!
Yours is definitely my favorite so far.  Some of the others made my hair all dull but with your shampoo, it is all shiny and lovely!  I also love that it is supporting the local economy.
Diana Shaw


I began to become more aware of the impact of my personal care products were having on the environment and that was when I found Conscious Living. I feel great knowing I am greatly reducing the harmful impact that we can have on the world around us and the fact that my hair feels healthier and thicker than ever is an amazing bonus!

In addition to this, switching to Conscious Living cleaning range also greatly reduced the asthmatic reactions of my cat! Turns out he too was being negatively affected by the chemical-filled products I was using in my home.

Claire Rowden

United Kingdom

I have tried so many types of natural and non-natural shampoo, but none actually solve my scalp problem. Until I finally try conscious living shampoo, I absolutely love it. It simply leaves my hair soft and comfy, totally non-sticky or greasy like a lot of other natural shampoo. Thanks so much,conscious living for such amazing products!

Peikshin Low

Perkshin Low